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Maggie Mosiane & her late brother Caswell Mosiane

Maggie Mosiane & her late brother Caswell Mosiane

They lied. He did have family

This photo was taken in 2015 during the Christmas holidays when Caswell was spending time with the family.

Caswell was moved soon after the government won their March case to move chronically ill adult mental health patients to Takalani. Caswell was moved from Life Esidimeni in Randfontein to Takalani in June. He was there only a few weeks before he died. He was just 39 years old.

At the March Court hearing, the department said that patients who were being sent to Takalani did not have families. But this was not true.

“Our family was contacted before Caswell was moved,” Maggie says. This proves the Department knew. "We also received a call from Takalani to inform us that Caswell was in hospital. And they contacted us after his death."

The Department lied. Caswell had a family who loved him and the mystery around his death has left them angry and heartbroken.

The death certificate states Caswell died of ‘natural causes.’ But when Maggie’s mom examined Caswell’s body after he died, she saw that her son’s face was badly bruised.

Maggie’s mom, Yvonne Martha Mosiane, desperately wanted to know the truth of what happened to her son. But she died without knowing. Maggie says Caswell’s death and the trauma of what happened to him, left her mom emotionally and physically ill.

And Maggie feels the same way.

"I want to know what really happened to my brother. I will find peace when I know the truth of how he died."